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Most people arrive in a new country and need considerable time to make the right connections and contacts to start an export business. Not Pip - her contagious enthusiasm and passion for what she does within 3 months of living in Hong Kong she was bidding farewell her first 20ft container of Chinese provincial antiques. So began a highly successful and rewarding 15 years of exporting Chinese Antiques to America, Ireland, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. many more containers a year made their way into Hong Kong to support her ever growing expat clientele.

China was just the beginning for Pip. Frequent trips to Thailand, Malaysia, SIngapore, Vietnam, Burma and Indonesia with her husband Greg opened her eyes to the stunning world of work available throughout Asia. A view shared by her ever expanding list of clients.

Discovering new talent in some of the most exotic and beautiful locations allowed Pip to foster relationships she maintains today. Each trip unfolded a new and exciting product, exquisite linen and art from Vietnam, woven furniture and stoneware from Thailand, stunning contemporary art from Shanghai and Beijing, beautiful antiques from Zhuhai and artwork from emerging artists in Burma that has now reached a world stage.

Selling art evolved as many of Pip’s clients became more interested in collecting international art as rich and diverse as their origins. This became Pip’s love, the sourcing of interesting artists and their work. Purchasing, supporting and nurturing their endeavors, exhibiting them to continue their craft.

Now with an array of exotic and high end products at her disposal, Pip offers her clientele unique access to these treasures of Asia.

Through friendship and trust, nurtured over 15 years of journeys, Pip can now tap into these amazing resources and introduce clients on a personal basis to a wonderful work of possibilities.

Michael Standford, Author